Merle French Bulldog

You Should Know About The Merle French Bulldog


Merle French Bulldogs are among the most distinctive-looking dogs in the world. It is not very difficult to recognize it but very easy. because there are different types of spots all over their body. And there are different colors. Dark, blue, and different colors are included. Merle French Bulldog average height 11-13 inches. A completely developed merle Frenchie estimates 16 to 28 pounds in weight. They are friendly with people and do not harm people.

Different types of Merle French Bulldogs 

Merle French

Meral Frenchie Bulldog

Chocolate Meral Frenchies

Fluffy Meral FrenchiesEys 

Merle French Bulldogs Have Blue

Merle French Bulldogs One of its distinguishing features is its blue eyes. Her beautiful eyes attract people to her. These are the eventual outcome of their bodies conveying the M-locus (or merle) quality. This quality causes a shortfall of capricious shade that makes their eyes lighter in the assortment.

What You Should Know About The Merle French Bulldog

The Merle French Bulldog has an exceptional and intriguing appearance, in any case, they truly do convey with them some contention. French Bulldog idealists honestly hate Merle French bulldogs.

I admit when I saw some pictures on Facebook that a breeder had available I was in love with them.  I researched them and knew we had to get one to see if they were as cute or wonderful as everyone said. 

It took us a bit to decide between a red Merle and black so we waited until the last litter when we could get one out of both colors.  We ended up with a beautiful French Bulldog. The day we picked him up he was terrified, crying his little heart out in his car seat, shaking and bumping all around the car.  

Even though I was torn between feeling happy that he wasn’t autistic anymore or sad that he had been traumatized too soon, I held him in my arms until he settled down.  I have never felt such a smooth coat or heard such quiet breathing before! It was so relaxing. 

He did growl at my three-year-old son, but I don’t think he knew it was a dog doing the growling.  He finally settled down and I put him on the floor.  I started to get out with my daughter while my husband stayed in the car with our new furbaby.  

Are Merle French Bulldogs Bigger? Find Average Height & Weight

On the off chance that you think merle French bulldogs are more prominent in size, you are stirred up. They are not huge. Regardless, by looking at their common level and weight, you can think of them as medium-sized canines. By and large, we consider those canines more prominent or colossal and gauge more than 50 pounds. Unfortunately, a merle French bulldog doesn’t come to this class.

The sizes and conditions of every canine assortment shift. Generally speaking, raisers parcel canines into four major groupings, which are according to the accompanying:




Goliath or X-tremendous


Canines who weigh under 20 pounds are seen as minimal canine assortments. Canines that show up in a little characterization weigh between 3-20 pounds. That is the clarification a couple of reproducers further separate such canines into little, toys, and teacups.


Canines that weigh between 20 to 50 pounds come in the class of medium-sized canines. We sort out it’s a huge reach, and there is a lot of difference between 20 lbs. also, 50 lbs. The reality of the situation is, raisers, consider them all in medium-sized characterizations. Assuming you are perplexed between picking gigantic and little canines, medium-sized canines can be the best decision to consider on the grounds that they are neither too little nor unnecessarily colossal. They even have an extraordinary future.


Those canines who weigh between 50 to 100 pounds come in the class of tremendous canine assortments.

Goliath or X-immense

Canines that are monsters and that gauge more than 100 pounds come in the class of X-enormous assortments. They are generally called beast canines.

Merle French Bulldog Health issues

One of the common health problems is a genetic disorder.  Because the genes of this dog are different from all others.  Due to this, other diseases may occur and his body organs may become weak, His eyesight may be damaged, and Allergies may occur in the body,

It can also cause heart problems And other diseases may occur. You have to keep in mind that their eye color is light. Due to this various problems can occur in the eyes such as one eye being larger than the other or vision loss in one eye etc.

If it is not treated at the right time, the dog can become sick. and the dog’s growth can also become a problem. Or the dog may develop a leg problem that prevents him from walking. The disease can be severe, causing the dog to become life-threatening or even die. 

If you notice any problem in his health, you should consult your nearest doctor as soon as possible and the doctor will tell you about his illness and treat him. Due to this the dog can be protected from various diseases and fight against dangerous diseases if treated on time. 

I request you get your dog checked by the vet every month. This will help you in the development of the puppy.

How Much to Feed a Merel Frenches Bulldog (Feeding Chart & Guide)

French Bulldog is very different and special from other dogs. People like it more because of its short stature and its beautiful face. Everyone wants to own it and keep it at home. But people do not know anything about his diet, what to give him for food during the day or what not to give him.

Most people are unaware of its nutritional requirements. And if they are fed in the wrong way, their health may deteriorate. Due to this, the dog may face many diseases. If the French Bulldog is fed well, its health can be ensured.

They will provide you with a comprehensive feeding method and make a complete plan. I can help you take care of her optimal health. The condition is that you follow this diet plan. It is essential to keep the French Bulldog puppy healthy and developing optimally It should be given nutrients like the best calories and meat etc.

Age                             Daily Food Quantity              Kilocalories           Protein     Fats       

                                           (cups)                             (per day)         

2-3Months        1.25-1.5              140-165             25%     7%

4-5M0nths            1.5-2                   176-205              25%     8%

6-12Months          2 – 2.5                 220-250            25%       8%

1 – 6 years              2.5- 3                   550-750              21%         6%

7 years and above     1.5-2               400-500             16%          4%

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