Dark Spells in Clash of Clans Game

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Spells are common weapons in Clash of Clans game. They are very important because they help in protecting the troops and in destroying defensive units and structures. They are made available in the Spell Factory. However, there are also dark spells that are available in Dark Spell Factory using Dark Elixirs. These dark spells are the poison spell, earthquake spell and haste spell.

The poison spell is the first Spell that can be unlocked in the Dark Spell Factory. It is generally use to slow down and bring damage to the enemy troops especially clan castle troops and heroes. It easily destroys barbarians, archers, goblins, wizards and witches. It can also bring damage to heroes but not in a significant material. It has the same radius with jump spell and can bring damage to every enemy troops within the radius. However, it cannot destroy buildings at any rate. The earthquake spell as its name suggests can generate earthquake on a selected range. It can damage buildings and walls placed on the targeted location. It will weaken the buildings and destroy walls. Successive use of earthquake spell can totally destroy walls. However, its effect will be less effective on buildings during successive casts. It has about the same radius with jump spell or probably with two tiles more. Haste spell is used to speed up ground and air troops. It is more effective than Rage spells in speeding up troops but will not help in increasing their damages.

These dark spells have been introduced in the game at a later stage, not on its launching date. However, these spells have added appeal and entertainment to the players. There should be a good supply of resources especially on dark Elixirs to make these spells readily available. Clash of Clans free gems hack is home to unlimited supply of dark elixirs for a more enjoyable game.