3 Useful iPhone Apps for Dessert Lovers

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Dessert is something that most of us like. However, there are some people who are typical lovers of desserts. Their meals do not get completed without having dessert. As such, these people love trying out different desserts. For this, it is important to know about the recipes of different desserts that can be made. Today, smartphones make it possible for everyone to know about different desserts and their recipes. You just do not need any other thing. An active internet connection and some useful apps are good enough to know all about different types of desserts.

Talking about smartphones, the iPhone is a highly popular smartphone in the market. Just like other devices, iPhones also have many apps. They also have several useful apps which are specifically made for the dessert lovers. As written at 2Yum.me, these apps are highly popular among the iPhone users who are interested about different types of desserts and their recipes.

Apps for chocolate desserts


When we talk about desserts, it is impossible to neglect chocolate. Chocolate being a mass favorite, is a highly popular form of dessert. If you are chocolate lover, you would certainly like the iChocolate and Chocolate Recipes Free apps. The iChocolate is the ultimate chocoholic app. This app is more than just a dessert recipes app. It deals with everything related to chocolate. If you are passionate about chocolate, you will surely learn something new when you explore this app. This fascinating app is full of interesting facts, history and recipes of chocolate. On the other hand, the Chocolate Recipes Free deals mainly with different recipes of chocolate. It is a must have app for chocolate fanatics. From drinks to puddings to cakes, this app contains recipes of everything related to chocolate.

The Photo Cookbook – Baking

This is yet another great app related to different desserts and their recipes. This app is designed in such a way that it makes full use of the large screen of the iPhones. Apart from being beautiful, this app is fully functional. Simple and clear instructions are provided with each step along with professional photographs. This app is available as stand-alone application and also as in-app purchase in The Photo Cookbook.


For instance, this app contains several dessert recipes with yogurt. Yogurt is very popular when it comes to dessert ingredients. People who are used to making dessert with yogurt will know the value of the ingredient. This app clearly specifies how to make different recipes with yogurt. With the help of this app, even a novice will be able to make a delicious dessert with yogurt.

Desserts: My Recipes Daily Indulgence

This app deals with some of the most popular dessert recipes from several publications which are well-known. This app is known for providing daily treat. There are hundreds of dessert recipes included tin this app. You will also find some great treat ideas for holidays. Majority of these recipes are staples. If you are a dessert lover, you should not miss on this great app. It will surely prove to be a great addition to your app collection.